Trick or treat. I’ll take TRICK!

Holy moly.  Is this funny or what?  Ok, I know there will be those of you out there who say “it’s not nice to play on the emotions of a child”.  Well, then explain to me how you handle them finding out that Santa is not real!?  Oh wait, dang it.  Did YOU know that Santa is not real?  If you didn’t.  I’m sorry.  You might want to call your mom and ask her about it.

For those of us who find humor in children and their behavior (only when it’s cute!)  I think you’re going to get a great laugh out of this video.

I guess we can see from this video that a sense of entitlement starts early sometimes!

That older boy at the very end of the video was my favorite!  I love how he was telling his mom she was going to get a “belly ache”.  Think he might have heard that before!?

Isn’t it incredible how kids react to candy!?  I mean holy cow!  Throwing themselves down, punching a wall, yelling at their parents, and crying in a moments notice just because their candy was eaten.  I love how the one kid said “do you know how many houses I had to go to for that candy?”!  Welcome to the real world kid.  Wait until you work countless hours and find out that almost a third of your check is taken and given to other people…I’m just sayin’.

Then he will say: “Do you know how long I had to sit in traffic, and how many people I had to act like I liked working with, and how many hours I could have been playing video games, to get that money?”.

I don’t consider this playing on the emotions of children.  I consider it more like home-schooling.  Sort of like taking a field trip to the real world.  I mean how else are they going to get a first hand look into the big mean world out there if their parents don’t take their hard earned candy from them!? That’ll teach ’em. LOL!

Go out of your way to laugh this weekend!  Make good memories and laugh till your face hurts….

“A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”

Sparkle on, Twinkle toes!

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