Trick or treat. I’ll take TRICK!

Holy moly.  Is this funny or what?  Ok, I know there will be those of you out there who say “it’s not nice to play on the emotions of a child”.  Well, then explain to me how you handle them finding out that Santa is not real!?  Oh wait, dang it.  Did YOU know that Santa is not real?  If you didn’t.  I’m sorry.  You might want to call your mom and ask her about it.

For those of us who find humor in children and their behavior (only when it’s cute!)  I think you’re going to get a great laugh out of this video.

I guess we can see from this video that a sense of entitlement starts early sometimes!

That older boy at the very end of the video was my favorite!  I love how he was telling his mom she was going to get a “belly ache”.  Think he might have heard that before!?

Isn’t it incredible how kids react to candy!?  I mean holy cow!  Throwing themselves down, punching a wall, yelling at their parents, and crying in a moments notice just because their candy was eaten.  I love how the one kid said “do you know how many houses I had to go to for that candy?”!  Welcome to the real world kid.  Wait until you work countless hours and find out that almost a third of your check is taken and given to other people…I’m just sayin’.

Then he will say: “Do you know how long I had to sit in traffic, and how many people I had to act like I liked working with, and how many hours I could have been playing video games, to get that money?”.

I don’t consider this playing on the emotions of children.  I consider it more like home-schooling.  Sort of like taking a field trip to the real world.  I mean how else are they going to get a first hand look into the big mean world out there if their parents don’t take their hard earned candy from them!? That’ll teach ’em. LOL!

Go out of your way to laugh this weekend!  Make good memories and laugh till your face hurts….

“A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”

Sparkle on, Twinkle toes!

Man up!

Yes! Today is national  Men Make Dinner day!  Time to put on your big girl panties and get out your spatulas, guys!

Look, I don’t want any belly-achin’ from any men saying they already make dinner.  Yes, I know there are plenty of you who are willing to cook things even if it DOESN’T involve the grill.  It still doesn’t change the fact (and here is proof) that today is:

So here is what I want to see.  I want to see pictures of you men in your most purdy apron showing us ladies how it’s done in the kitchen!

Hey, you know what a hassle it is to have to think of a new thing to cook every day!?  Give us Diva’s a break and whip up something for momma in the kitchen!

Hurry along now, you’re gonna have to leave work early to beat the rush at the grocery store!

Sparkle on, twinkle toes!

Let the adventure begin!

The other day I was at an appointment.  It was one of the rare chances during my week where I actually get to go out and talk to PEOPLE, and not just “meow” at my cats.  You see, I work from home.  And it has its benefits.  But, one of the drawbacks is not being able to interact much with people who walk upright on two feet (or some derivation of that).  As if my cat knew I was talking about her, she JUST put her paws up on my chair, stared me in the eyes and “meowed” at me. She is my chatty cat, Lyndi.

I digress!  So there I found myself at my appointment.  I was talking to the girls “behind the counter”.  These are great girls.  I always look forward to seeing them.  They are always happy to allow me to entertain myself by talking to them, and are very sweet.  They genuinely seem as if they look forward to the “crazy cat lady” coming in.  Afterall, one never knows what words will leave my lips!  I’ve been told before that I say what everyone else is thinking, and a few times, I’ve had people ask me a question by saying “I know you will tell me the truth…”.  While this is a skill that needs to be fine tuned, and has been through inserting foot in mouth over the years, I think it’s cathartic sometimes for others to hear their thoughts validated through another’s risk at stating the truth.

At some point during my “goings-on” one of the girls looked at me and said “Do you blog?”.  I snickered and said “NO, what would I blog about?”.  She said “This.  The things you’re talking about.  Anything.”.

Novel idea.  Especially since I was never good at keeping a diary or journal.

I thought “well, I’ve enjoyed reading other’s blogs – but only if they are good, funny, and entertaining”…yes…I can do all of those things….  Good, Check.  Funny, Check.  Entertaining, Check! Check, Check, Check!

So what was left for me to do but create a blog?  TA DAH!!!

I can’t promise that it will always be good, funny or entertaining.  But, I can promise you that it will be ME!  I don’t know how to be any other way.  So, if you don’t like me (GASP!)….you might want to pass on my blog! HA!!

As for the title.  First of all, yes, I know the grammar is not right.  But it’s cute.  So get over it!  (I say that lovingly and with a glittery twinkle in my eye) *insert chime, and a star burst on my white smiling teeth*

Can you honestly see anything that sparkles, glitters, or shines and NOT be happy!?  Glitter is good!!  So that means, All That Glitters Is Good!  And here, I hope to make you smile. And, when you see a new entry has been written, you look forward to reading it … afterall there are enough unhappy things going on in our world, a little laugh does a heart good!

I’ve been known for my bedazzled appearance.  I’ve been told I should open  a “house of glam”.  I’ve been known to bling out my running shirts.  I’ve been known to run in a tutu (which is a ton of fun!) I’ve been known to wear at least one article of sparkle with every outfit.  I’ve heard many a person see something and send me a picture saying “This reminded me of you.  It’s SO you!”.  And yes, it’s generally something sparkly or “out there”.  I’ve had many people tell me “I love this/that, but I could never pull it off”.  To which I tell them, put it on and ROCK it!  And my favorite, glittery tribute is having been called “Sparkle Barbie”.  Which I grabbed ahold of and RAN with my life with once I heard it!

I hope you’ll join me.  I hope you’ll find a fun, happy, thought provoking, and interesting place when you come to “All That Glitters Is Good”.  I hope that you leave with a speck of glitter in your eye! (Well, sort of..HA!)  When everyone says “Hey, there is something sparkly on your face”, you’ll say “yeah, I know.  All that glitters is good!”.

Come on Twinkle Toes!  Let’s have fun!,

Sparkle Barbie

I might have a heart attack!

Speaking of all that glitters being good.  Need I ANY other example to prove my point?

Now, I have a nice ride.  I can’t complain about it.  But there is no other car that I would look cuter in!  I couldn’t even imagine another car more fitting for Sparkle Barbie if I tried.  BAM!

I might even try to hit every single red light just so I could watch people look and point!

To this fine little beauty, I say, Christmas is just around the corner…I’m just sayin!